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How can you offer perfumes at such low prices? 

We have a substantial budget that is used to buy perfumes in large quantities, and therefore, at significant reductions. We also have lower management costs due to very low profit margins and an automated computer system. All these savings are reflected in the pricing of our perfumes.

What is a tester?
Testers are perfume bottles that can be found in major department stores, allowing customers to sample a particular fragrance before buying it. Most companies use testers for promotional purposes. They are made with the same ingredients as the marketed perfumes. The difference lies in the packaging. Testers usually come in a plain unprinted or black and white printed box, with or without a cap, and have "Tester" or "Demonstration" written on the bottle. If you've never purchased testers before, try them! You're sure to love them!

Are your perfumes 100% authentic?
Of course! We guarantee the authenticity of all products we sell.

What are the differences between perfume concentrations? (edp, edt...) 
Perfume concentration depends on the quantity of scented oils (natural or synthetic) used in the formula. The higher the concentration, the more the scent lasts on the skin.
- Perfume (15% - 30%): the highest concentration
- Eau de Parfum (8% to 15%): high concentration
- Eau de Toilette (4% to 8%): medium concentration
- Eau de Cologne (2% to 5%): low concentration

Do fragrances smell differently on different people?
Yes, the scent of a particular perfume can vary slightly from one person to another. These differences can be explained by several factors:
- Skin type: the scent will last longer on oily skin rather than on dry skin
- Soaps and deodorants: some soaps and deodorants can alter the scent of a perfume.
- PH level: it varies from person to person and can therefore change the scent of a perfume.

How can I make the scent last longer?
We recommend applying the perfume in areas that are not too exposed during the day, such as on your neck, behind your ears, on your wrists, and between your breasts. For a longer-lasting effect, you can also layer your fragrance with the matching shower gel, body lotion, after-shave, and other products from the same perfume range.

What is the difference between an after-shave lotion, balm, and gel?
- After-shave lotion: helps to tighten pores
- After-shave balm (milk): soothes your skin (ideal for dry skin)
- After-shave gel: soothes and cools the skin (relieves nicks and cuts)

What is shower gel?
Shower gel is liquid soap. By using a shower gel that matches your perfume, the scent will last longer on you.

How do I preserve my unopened bottle of perfume? It is important that you keep your perfume away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. Your perfume will last longer if it is kept in a cool, dry place. If you do not intend to use it for some time, you can place the bottle in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator, which will help extend its life.

Claim for compensation
If your order is damaged when it arrives, please e-mail our Customer Service department immediately so that we can file a claim with the carrier. We ask that you please keep the original packaging and content of the order for a period of ten working days following notification. You will then have the choice of having your order refunded or exchanged.

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